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Jay Bergers III

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Lesson I Learned From Jim Rohn

The man who besides my Dad (and Mom) has influenced my life and choices. Jim Rohn was a business philosopher and mentor to millions including Tony Robbins and many others. He passed in 2009 but his life lessons are timeless.

3 Powerful Tools for Sharing

Ways to maximize your efforts and share stuff with your friends team members.

2 Inspiring Books About The Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you have “the bug”. …The Entrepreneurial Bug and you are tired of working for the Man building others people’s dreams you might enjoy
this book by Tom Monaghan who started Dominos Pizza. His simple story of the trials and joys along the way is definitely inspiring.

My Dad is a Rock Star

To demonstrate the impact that my Dad has on my life as well as the lives of many others!

Habit Hacks for 2015

How to get out of your comfort zone.

Make a plan to create empowering habits and get support for your new journey!

Be who you already are

To encourage others to step into their power and become who they were created to be.

Be who you already are.

Everyone else is already taken.

Influence and Association

I was talking to a security guard in a grocery store earlier tonight. Asking him what he wants from his Continue Reading

When you fall off the Horse of Habit

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