Lifting People Up

Jay Bergers III

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We’re bringing back the Band

I went into a Pie Shop a few night’s ago after church. And the girl behind the counter commented about Continue Reading

What other people think about me is none of my business

I used to be much more concerned about what others thought about me. Trying to be controlled by others opinions Continue Reading

Walk first, then run

So I moved closer to the beach a few months ago and enjoy running there when I can. I usually Continue Reading

Do or do not…

Yoda said it so eloquently… “Do or do not… …there is no try” Either you are fully committed. Onboard. No Continue Reading

Whatever it Takes

“I will do whatever it takes.” What does that mean to you? Persisistence? Resolve? The dictionary defines Resolve this way Continue Reading

Lifting People Up

I used to attend a church in Los Angeles called FAME. It is apparently the oldest Black Church in Los Continue Reading

What is important to you?

We all have things that are near and dear to our hearts. A cause. Things that get us riled up. Continue Reading

Is this Friendship?

I was wandering around the internet minding my own business.   And I stumbled upon this quote about friendship:   Continue Reading

Does your attitude really matter?

I remember the great Zig Ziglar once said…   “Your attitude determines your altitude.”   Frame your day and your Continue Reading